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My Favorite Holiday Gift of 2017!

PR-Flag-ChristmasThis past September I was wrapping up an extended business  trip and was excited to return home to Puerto Rico on 9/25. I didn’t realize how my life was about to dramatically change. That week I had been tracking a new hurricane name Maria that was heading towards Puerto Rico. As the week progressed it became clear to me it would be wise to stay in the US and not fly into the storm. What happened next was a couple of the craziest weeks of my life, trying to track down friends, family and community.  For someone with rico (rich) ties to Puerto Rico and considers the island home I have tried to be very quiet on social media as it was a confusing and complex time for me and I didn’t want my thoughts to be misunderstood at a critical time for the island and communities.

Tomorrow on Christmas Keth and I will return to Puerto Rico for the first time since the hurricane impacted our beautiful island. We learned that yesterday power had been restored to her family and community in Patillas. What a holiday blessing for these beautiful strong people who have had so much patience. Her town is a remote town in the corner of the island which which is usually last to get services. The restoration of services in this small town is a good sign the island is slowly recovering!

Feliz Navidad!

pr beach ornament

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