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Reschedule – Return Visit to Palestine

I am working to schedule time to visit and continue to train and work with software business leaders and SharePoint developers in Ramallah. The software outsourcing opportunities in the region are exciting and plentiful.

Saed Nashef a Palestinian I met last march (Pictured below) VC got #9 on the LSDB global thinkers list. With the Middle East Venture Capital Fund they are investing 50 million dollars in Ramallah and in West Bank to finance projects linked to the development of start-up technologies.

It will be exciting to continue working with individuals like Saed and the technology community to develop outsourcing opportunities.


The following are some notes and a video from our SharePoint Saturday event held last Fall.

PSUG Members and all Communities and Individuals that Participated in Organizing SharePoint Saturday Palestine would love to thank all of the Speakers who took the Initiation to come all the way to Palestine to Share the Knowledge, Sponsors for their support and help, and every single person that attended.

When we first started planning this event with the SharePoint community in Palestine I had no idea what a special day it would end up being. This great video created by Rand Khalaf captures some of our day.

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  1. That's totally amazing. I was reading Joel Oleson's post on his adventures with the SharePoint communities all over the Middle East–it's really impressive how quickly they've grown!

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